Under the Cistine Umbrella

It is raining in my little woods today. I huddle on the red plastic sled, under my Cistine umbrella (a plain black model on the outside, it opens to reveal a ceiling of Cistine art). The rain "tap, tap, taps" on waterproof black, while I look up at fleshy, holy figures.

A breeze shakes the pine and "tap, taps" come in a fast, hard sheet, insistent. I sip green tea. Watch the steam rise. Look out at the bare forsythia, jeweled in strings of liquid pearls. The thorn bush drips with crimson teardrop berries. Snow in and around the English ivy is pocked from falling rain.

Above me, the finger of God reaches for Adam's hand. I remove my glove, slip my palm beyond umbrella shelter, wait. Remarkable how long it takes. For a drop to splash onto my skin.

At last You reach down, touch me. I sip Your bounty, a quick, tiny cold drink. And sigh. Under the Cistine umbrella.

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Blogger nannykim said...

Now that is what I call, enjoying the moment in the presence of God. I love doing this--taking the moment and being aware of all that is around us (beauty, sorrow, everything) and to feel at that moment the wonderful touch of God's presence!


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